Homoeopathic Doctor for Migraine

Homoeopathic Doctor for Migraine

A migraine, affecting about 1 in every 7 people, is a headache that often affects one side of the head and can be extremely painful, throbbing, or pulsating. It frequently comes with high sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting. The pain from a migraine attack can be so intense, often interfering with the regular activities and persisting for hours or even days. Painkillers prescribed by a doctor, antacids, and anti-vomiting medications are some typical treatments for migraine relief. However, they can only serve to delay what will eventually happen. A safer and more efficient solution is migraine treatment in homeopathy.

Here are the top remedies that alternative medicine offers.

  • Belladonna

Patients with a quick onset headache and sensitivity to light, noise, and touch can benefit greatly from this treatment. The pain is intense and throbbing. Sitting makes it better, and lying down makes it worse. It is a treatment that consistently relieves headaches that follow a haircut and is helpful for women who get headaches before their periods.

  • Natrum Maruticum

It is a beneficial homoeopathic medication for headaches in school-age girls or headaches brought on by sadness or emotional distress, such as losing a loved one or being disappointed in a romantic relationship. The sufferer claims that tens of thousands of hammers are striking their brain. The patient has light sensitivity and does better in the dark. The symptoms of this cure are headaches that last from dawn to dusk.

  • Iris Versicolour

It is helpful for those who experience right- or frontal-sided headaches. Visual distortions and blurring vision are the first signs of a headache. Extreme nausea and stomach distress are common side effects. This is a tried-and-true cure required for headaches or migraines that occur on the weekends or Sundays for many patients.

  • Nux Vomica

It helps with headaches brought on by overeating, sleep deprivation, drinking, extended office hours, sedentary lifestyle, excessive study, financial loss in business, or any other mental strain. The patient needs stimulants, such as coffee or smoke. Vertigo is related to headaches. The patient also has severe acid reflux and flatulence. This treatment is characterised by extreme mental irritation.

So, if anyone is suffering from recurring headaches with no relief, they can contact Nano Homeopathy Clinic for effective homeopathy treatment for chronic migraine.

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