Direct experience is the best method to learn about homoeopathy. Many people who swear by it first became interested in homoeopathy after successfully employing a remedy during an emergency or prolonged illness. So, every family should try to keep a few medicines handy in their first-aid kit. Here are a few of the principal treatments that homoeopaths frequently use. If someone is looking to start putting together their gear, this would be an excellent place to start. Also, the 30c potency of these treatments would be appropriate for daily use.

  • Nux Vomica

It is famous homoeopathic remedy doctors use to treat several ailments. It is safe to use nux vomica to treat migraines, depression, appetite loss, and gastrointestinal conditions. The patient’s age, general health, and several other factors affect the recommended dosage of nux vomica. One can also get rid of their hangover with Nux Vomica.

  • APIS

It is the best medicine to include in a travelling first-aid kit. While going on vacations or even during rains, insect bites are common. However, some of these may prove to be more dangerous. This treatment works well for treating allergic reactions from bug bites or stings. The discomfort will be described as stinging, and the affected areas will be red, hot, and swollen.

  • Aconite

Cold and flu can last up to a few days and make one feel irritated. As of now, there is no known cure for the common cold. But, several medicines may help deal with the symptoms and ease the effects. Aconite can inhibit the spread of the virus when taken as soon as cold starts. Aconite is a homoeopathic remedy that is also good for gout, inflammations, joint pain, and quick healing of injuries and wounds. Aconite has another application besides pills because it is also available in the form of cream.

  • Cantharis

Each kitchen has to have some cantharis ointment on hand for multiple reasons. It is the most potent anti-inflammatory cream for treating burns of any kind. Cantharis leaves hardly any scars after treating burns from kitchen accidents or if the kids get caught in minor mishaps. Infections of the urinary tract are also on the list of ailments one can treat. Usually, cantharis is applied as a cream.

  • Arnica

Arnica should be included in the first aid kit if a family has children. It is one of the most popular homoeopathic treatments for bruises, accidents, wounds, and shocks that kids often face. This homoeopathic treatment also is used to treat arthritis and the discomfort that follows dental work and jet lag. It can also be used to encourage hair growth. Arnica can be administered topically as a cream, internally as a tablet, or both.

  • Belladonna

Patients with a quick onset headache and sensitivity to light, noise, and touch can benefit greatly from this treatment. The pain is intense and throbbing. Sitting makes it better, and lying down makes it worse. It is a treatment that consistently relieves headaches that follow a haircut and is helpful for women who get headaches before their periods. It can also help deal with sunstrokes and boils.

  • Magnesium Phosphoric

This homoeopathic medication is a necessity for every woman. Menstrual cramps can be treated with this homoeopathic medicine for cramps. Additionally, it can be used to relieve stress, headaches, sleeplessness, and nerve discomfort. Magnesium phosphoric is typically given as a homoeopathic tablet.

  • Rhus Tox

A typical homoeopathic treatment for bruises and muscular strains is Rhus Tox. Additionally, it helps those with sciatica, backaches, arthritis, and body pains brought on by the flu. The most common form of Rhus Tox is in homoeopathic tablets.

  • Calendula

Calendula 30c should be taken inside if a deeper wound becomes irritated and needs to be treated externally. Although “potency” in homoeopathy isn’t defined explicitly, the number and letter typically indicate the amount of dilution a homoeopathic treatment has gone through during the production process. Calendula 30c, for instance, has undergone 30 stages of dilution, as denoted by the letter “c,” which stands for centesimal. Additionally, calendula may delay the onset of scabs, which could lessen scarring.

These medicines are must-haves for any first-aid box at home. Most of these can treat multiple ailments, making them ideal for every family.

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